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Abirami – Floating Water Heater – Big Size


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Abirami Floating Water Heater – 2000W | 100% Copper Heating Tube | Portable | SHOCKPROOF | INSTANT Heating Power Saving Electicity | Auto cut-off | Safe to use | (230 V) (BIG)

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  • Premium Copper heating tube, this water heater is rust proof, corrosion resistant, of high safety and long service time.
  • Easy to use, suitable for multiple containers. Simply immerse it in water and it’s easy to operate.
  • With 2 square thickened copper wire, this item is easy to get heated with good protection.
  • 2000W high power ensures a quick heating speed, so it is very convenient to use.
  • Anti hot, anti rust, anti corrosion, high safety, long service life.
  • 2000W high power, fast boiling water. automatically cut off, safer to use.
  • Available in Big & Medium Sizes
  • Colors Available: Red| Blue | Green | Yellow

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

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