Water Heater

Abirami Instant Water Heater is a consumer-friendly, high efficiency instant running water heater, designed to supply hot water instantaneously! Comparing to other storage geysers, Abirami Instant Water Heater conserves electricity. It is the most advanced heater and as such can be installed anywhere. The specialty of this heater is that it heats only the amount of water economically needed for use.

Abirami Instant Water Heater instant electric water heater is the most durable, dependable and safe product in the market today. We are delighted to share that this product, which is first of its kind in India, designed and developed by an exclusive team of experienced professionals. The unique feature is that the geyser is corrosion proof and tested to withstand any temperature of hot water. The advanced German technology design aids to delay scale forming inside the geyser. Some of the models of Abirami Instant Water Heater can be carried anywhere and fitted everywhere based on your convenience.

Ours is a caring product for your homes, hotels, hostels, schools, colleges, salons and spa to supply instant running hot water at your convenience. Abirami Instant Water Heater is fast growing in terms of production, sales and brand visibility since 2010. We are developing steadily and significantly increasing in supply and demand year after year. Abirami Instant Water Heater is available in 2 different smart models and in 2 variant colours bringing innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions, hotels, salons, spas and commercial projects.

  • Heating elements , auto thermostat to provide power saving performance.
  • ABS plastic outer body : compact , corrosion free , shock proof
  • Automatic thermostat : cuts off the power when set temperature is reached.
  • Heating elements on both top and bottom plates
  • Thermal cut out : Acts as backup safety device cutting off power, prevent buildup of excessive pressure inside tank.
  • Mineral filled sheathed element made of copper.
  • Triple safety system
  • Rust proof thermoplastic body
  • Long life efficient heating element
  • Fire resistant cable
  • Neon indicators for 'power on' and heating function
  • Warranty of 2years on product.
  • Product Dimensions: 20 cms (Width) X 35 cms (Height)
  • Watts : 3Kw